MCCi is a computer consulting company serving the Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia areas.  We also support clients across the United States.  As a former IBM Agent, MCCi has built customer and vendor relationships representing IBM mid-range products and IBM compatible networks. MCCi supports systems using superior software, implementing sound solutions and providing exceptional support.

MCCi was founded in 1995 by an experienced system engineer specializing in the IBM iSeries, AS/400, S/3X, and PC Network environments. The company has professional employees that have sound technical skills, an average of 50 years experience in the industry and a heart for customer service. MCCi currently supports over 50 customers across the states offering various information processing services.

If you are looking for an experienced team to provide the right computer solutions, MCCi is your answer. Contact us today and let our team of qualified professionals help you achieve your business process goals, rapidly, economically and predictably. It is our goal to provide total client satisfaction 110 % of the time.

At MCCi, we are your window into IBM ~ rather than spending hours searching the web or holding on a telephone line from one recording to another ~ try us. If you don’t see what you need and you have a question, e-mail us!

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