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In order to offer our clients alternatives and options, MCCi markets both new systems and system upgrades for the IBM iSeries (IBM AS400) Contact us for a upgrade quote.

This product has been enhanced. It is now called iWebQuery.
This product runs on your iSeries APACHE webserver. It will allow users to create and store their queries into any database file on the iSeries.
**This product does not run under websphere. It was built with Websmart PHP.
** Requires V7R3M0 at a min on the iSeries and PHP 7.4 at a min of PHP community plus.

MCCi Police Reporting System
The MCCi Police Reporting system is a multi agency police reporting system that tracks incidents and persons tied to incidents as victims, witnesses, arrests, traffic arrests, MV Crashes, etc. Property can be attached to each incident as stolen, found, evidence, etc. The system allows for unlimited narratives for each incident. This system allows for the storage of unlimited pc files to be attached to each incident (crime scene photos, digital audio and video, word documents, etc.!) It also interfaces with mug shot cameras to provide multiple mug shots per person.
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This is a web design tool for the IBM iSeries. It will create dynamatic web applications that access iSeries databases and product web pages / applications. We have used this tool to rewrite iSeries green screen applications to the iSeries APACHE web server. This tool does not require additional hardware.
MCCi has created the following applications in this tool: Police Reporting System, Time and Attendance, Asset tracking, web based shopping cart for a furniture retailer, and this web site.
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Websmart Client V13.4 – Click to download

Websmart Client V12.7 – Click to download

ProGen Plus
This tool will create green screen applications on your AS400 in 10-15 minutes. These screens will display a list of records and allow you to add/change/delete records.