iSeries Police Reporting

Police Reporting System
The MCCi Police Reporting system is a web based multi agency police reporting system that tracks incidents, persons tied to incidents (victims, witnesses, arrests, traffic arrests, MV Crashes, etc!), property (stolen, found, evidence, etc), and narratives. This system allows for the storage of unlimited pc files to be attached to each incident (crime scene photos, digital audio and video, word documents, etc.)

All agencies share the master name database. Each name can have unlimited mug shots attached. A mug shot camera and the software to drive it are included.

All searches are SQL based. Security settings allow for selected officers to view other agencies information. Security levles for officers, supervisors, chief, and administrative.

An interface to Word is included. You can use the current pre-canned word documents or create your own. The interface automatically inserts the incident and arrest information into the word document. It then saves and attaches the word document to the incident.

This system is used in several city agencies. It is also used in one county 911 Emergency center to automatically create incidents for 9 agencies ( 170+ Officers).

This system is completely web based and can be accessed via mobile laptops in the crusiers.

Full UCR Reporting is included for both Offense level and Victim level reporting.

The Police Reporting System also includes: An officers scheduling system, Officers Status Board (with log), Pawned Items, a secured Tips database, and much more.

This system now has a detention center module to track inmates.

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